NFL2013 regular season opener at home to the Denver Broncos carried out against both Peyton - Manning led the Denver Broncos and the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens . Tee time was delayed due to thunderstorm weather , the final by virtue of Manning Broncos single-game seven touchdowns amazing performance to 49-27 victory over the defending champion, Manning has become the first in 44 years in a game with 7 up array quarterback . After the start of the game the two sides in their first wave of attack failed to score Ravens in their second round of attack to find the opportunity , 10 stalls offensive advancing 80 yards , took 3 minutes and 58 seconds , and ultimately by fullback Feng tower - Leach pick Joe - Flacco pass forward two yards cheap nfl jerseys touchdowns, Ravens 7-0 lead. Shortly cheap nfl jerseys after the start of the second period there was an accident , Ravens wide receiver and punt returner Jacoby - Jones ready to take each other to be quickly abandoned when playing back on defense teammates knocked to the ground , cheap nfl jerseys after limping the walk back to the locker room . Shortly afterwards , however , the Ravens in their subsequent attack Flacco pass interceptions , the Broncos 24 yards in the other line of attack began , Manning pass to Julius - Thomas get touchdowns, throws additional points after the two sides fight became 7-7. Race to section II, paragraph 7 minutes again unexpectedly , Ravens punt , the Broncos then abandoned play going back cheap nfl jerseys to attack Weiss - Wilk ball appeared off the ball, Ravens players in the other one yard line at the grab the ball, direct access to a file scoring opportunities , Flacco ball to running back Ray - Rice , who rushed the ball one yard touchdown made ​​, Ravens 14-7 lead again . Broncos get the ball quickly to attack , advancing to the side 33 yards line after Julius - Thomas two long-distance touchdown catch to help the team again , he first received Manning pass advancing 44 yards , and later cheap jerseys received get the ball forward 23 yards touchdowns , the cheap nfl jerseys score became 14-14 . Ravens again before halftime to get scoring opportunities , but in advance to the other party within 10 yards after three offensive line failed touchdowns, and finally had to choose kick at halftime , the Ravens 17-14 lead. Drastic changes in the second half , shortly after the opening balance of the situation on the ground was broken, the Broncos made ​​the first round of attack on touchdowns, Andre - Caldwell pick Manning pass advancing 28 yards to get a touchdown . Ravens next offensive failed , abandoned play Broncos also blocked the Broncos 10 yards in the Ravens get the ball right at the line , Wilk pick Manning pass forward five yards , then another two pass Get connected with advancing five yards touchdowns . Ravens get right to attack then quickly to punt and the end . Mustang Ensemble continued his rapid scoring of the state , nine stalls offensive advancing 60 yards , only took two minutes and 29 seconds to score again , Wilk pick Manning wholesale nfl jerseys pass forward two yards easy touchdowns. Instantly became a 35-17 score . The fourth quarter began Broncos continued their fierce offensive firepower , after the opening five-speed attack advancing 56 yards took 1 minute 33 seconds and get touchdowns, De Cornelius - Thomas Manning pass then advancing 26 yards to complete score . Then the game appeared in a dramatic scene , Flacco pass by Broncos linebacker Danny - Terre Wasen steals, but too excited about Terre Wasen at the moment the ball into the end zone slipped from the hands of , unfortunately, failed to get touchdowns. Ravens regained the ball right to seize this opportunity , Malone cheap nfl jerseys title="cheap nfl jerseys">cheap nfl jerseys - Brown pick Flacco advancing 13 yards passing touchdowns, points difference was reduced to 24-42 . Thereafter Ravens and into the penalty kick , but soon again with a touchdown pass Manning put out the opponents counterattack momentum , his passing helped De Cornelius - Thomas made ​​advancing 78 yards touchdowns, points difference again pulled Great to 49-27 . After the game the two sides failed to score again , and ultimately defending the Ravens cheap nfl jerseys in their first game on the road was a fiasco . Full match Manning completed 42 passes 27 times , advancing 462 yards , with seven touchdowns, 141.1 passer rating up . Two Thomas have five catches and two touchdowns, including De Cornelius - Thomas advancing 161 yards , Julius - Thomas advancing 110 yards cheap nfl jerseys . Broncos aspects Flacco completed 62 passes 34 times , advancing 362 yards , with two touchdowns, two steals , 69.4 passer rating . With the game Manning NFL history six single field has seven touchdowns passing quarterback , but also the September 28, 1969 Joe - Karp accomplish this feat since the first one in four point guard . He also tied the NFL record another two , namely Brett - Favre 23 games with at least four touchdown passes record , Drew - Brisbane seven games with at least five touchdown passes of record.

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